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The International Relations Office, with the Teacher Training Center of Universidad Mayor, is promoting the development of COIL Projects in the schools of the institution.

COIL Projects, Collaborative Online International Learning, are learning activities integrated between two institutions of different geographical origins, to work on a topic that is common for both nations, where both can contribute from their reality and cultural context. Students belonging to a specific course that is similar in both universities, develop an online work that lasts between 4 to 8 weeks, with a weekly synchronic session of 90 minutes. This project is directed by the teachers in both institutions and generates as a result a meaningful project which contributes to strengthening their intercultural abilities and collaborates with the internationalization of the curriculum of both universities.

COIL projects have three fundamental axes for their successful development:

1.- An icebreaker activity, which will allow students to know each other and build confidence

2.- Collaboration using technology to work on complex challenges oriented to the achievement of sustainable development objectives.

3.- Reflection on the acquired experiences

The COIL project is a volunteer activity for students, and it is represented in the course as a percentage of a relevant grade. Students obtain, beyond the grade, a participation certificate issued by the International Education authorities of both institutions.

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The Mirror Class is a collaborative activity between universities of different geographical origins, through which the teachers organize to teach a specific topic relevant to a similar course for both institutions. Making use of the technology, educational content is shared through collaborative work. Mirror classes can last one or two synchronous and/or asynchronous sessions and they aim at strengthening the intercultural abilities of students and teachers, at the same time fostering internationalization of the curriculum.

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